deadass tho? is an internet webshow and comedy collective repping New York City. Created by Taylor Gonzalez and Neil Sharma in spring of 2016, applies their formal, UCB-trained writing skills to the DIY meme-comedy of the Instagram generation. The show is released in the form of short videos on our social media platforms as well as original content for select media outlets.


the squad

We boast a diverse team of experienced comedians, writers, actors and film makers.

the work is comprised of sketches and bits inspired by New York City and the corners of the internet that are home to outlets like WorldStar Hip Hop and Black Twitter. Our voice ranges from realtalk to dumb as fuck.

Fun facts:

  • We debuted in summer of 2016
  • We have 1500+ fb followers
  • 500,000+ views since we debuted in 2016
  • We have over 24 episodes and 100 sketches
  • We employ writers who are not white men.