deadass tho?


Deadass is POC-written and -produced sketch show that follows the lives of the many residents of Rat City, a borough not unlike Brooklyn, but seen through the lens of a Insta-nightmare.

Each episode will be jam packed with 1- to 2-minute sketches exploring themes like love, sex, money, friends, fame, family, city life and everything in between. With each sketch, we will continue to build on a universe that fans can get lost in.

The short-but-sweet guerilla style of comedy will make the viewer feel like they’re scrolling through their own timeline. The show will also feature the hottest rappers, singers and musicians in deadass-produced, custom visuals to end each episode.

Since our debut in 2016, we've produced 30 full-length episodes and over 150 sketches. We've produced original comedic content for BRIC TV and are proud to say we currently drop a new vid every week.


the squad

We boast a diverse team of experienced comedians, writers, actors and filmmakers. Our room is evenly split between men and women to ensure balance. Click to see their credits.

the work

here’s our latest stuff from the last 3 months:

Here are two older vids that got some heat: